Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad - History

The land for the railroad was purchased in May of 2000. Later that year surveying was commenced to design a 6,000 ft mainline railroad to work on the hilly terrain of the 40 acre site. The property is approxiamtely 1,250 feet wide by 2,000 feet long.About 30% of the site is covered in Pondersoa Pine and is situated in the beautiful mountain area of South Park, Colorado. Grading was started in 2003 and the concrete for the turntable, unloading table pad and the swinging gate bridges was laid in 2005. Track laying began in the summer of 2010. In 2011 about 1,500ft of mainline was laid up to Windy Point bringing the total to 2,800ft of operating mainline. Since then the track has been laid up to the Boreas Pass Wye and now trains can be turned at the top on the wye. This now gives us bi-directional train operation from the Como Wye at the bottom to the Boreas Pass Wye at the top... about 4,330 ft one way or 8,660 ft round trip. The railroad is divided into a Northern and Southern division. The Southern Division is now fully operational with over 4,330 ft of mainline track laid in place.

The site elevation is approximately 9,200 feet above sea level. Complimentary oxygen bottles will be provided for the lowlander folks.